What is the Difference between Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry?

It is defined by the metal. Jewelry made with genuine gold, platinum, silver (etc). = Fine Jewelry.

Jewelry made with brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, (etc) or Base Metal (which is a combo of different metals), plated metals, leather, fabrics (etc). = Fashion Jewelry.

This means that both the ring & necklace could either be Fashion Jewelry or Fine Jewelry. You now have to look for the precious metal hallmark (e.g. 14k imprint) to confirm which one it is.

BTW Fashion Jewelry metal can be electroplated or such thick plating that it lasts long time. Since the core metal is still a non-precious metal. It is still classified as Fashion Jewelry. It is meant to be worn as an accessory for short-lived fashion trends. You can make a big statement for a much lower price with fashion jewelry.

Post time: Aug-27-2018
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