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Many jewelry accessories claim that they have gold in it.  Amongst this, is vermeil jewelry which definitely contains gold.  What exactly is gold vermeil?  It is a French word that means gilded silver.  It means sterling silver with gold plating.  The French exported this in the 19th century and replaced it with silver gilt.  During the eighteenth century, a method was used by adding a gold layer to the sterling silver.  Mercury was vaporized but in the process many workers lost their eyesight.

However, we need to mention here that Vermeil jewelry is not gold.  The gold jewelry items are not actually filled with gold, but it has brass and copper which is then covered with gold applied sheets.  Electroplating procedure is used to do this. 

The craftsmanship adopted in making vermeil jewelry is perfect and is closest to making gold jewelry.  Also, vermeil is safe for people who have allergy issues.  Since it only contains gold and sterling silver, it is safe for use.  Also, another advantage is the cost factor.  It looks great and closest like gold but is far cheaper as compared to the yellow metal.  However, one needs to be careful when taking care of it. So stay away from showering, doing household chores wearing this jewelry on and also swimming.  This will make sure that it will last for a long time.

Gold vermeil is very much like gold plated jewelry and it is a hot selling jewelry item.  It is the perfect balance between value and quality. Many people are confused when it comes to vermeil gold plating and gold. However, there are few aspects which show that there is definitely a difference when it comes to desirability, durability and quality.

The premium gold finish is something that lends a classy look to the jewelry.  Vermeil is a gold finished material that is made of a thick gold layer over solid sterling silver.  High quality pieces of fourteen, eighteen and also twenty-four karats.  Those of you who would wish to possess a good collection of high quality jewelry without shelling out a bomb should opt for gold vermeil which is the best option.

If you see with the naked eye, vermeil looks like gold.   It is the ideal alternative to pure gold jewelry.  You may wish to lend a beautiful gloss or also leave it aside just to lend that vintage look.  Generally, silver is used as a strong base instead of cheaper materials like brass and copper.  Yellow gold is quite well known all over the globe.  There is rose gold, pink gold, Hamilton gold and so on.  Vermeil jewelry articles undergo electroplating and it could either be coated using flash plating or micron plating.  If you are going shopping for vermeil jewelry, make sure to understand authentic vermeil before investing your hard earned money.

Just like any jewelry, you need to care for your vermeil jewelry.  Make sure to keep it away from cosmetics, perfumes, dust and pollution as it could affect the glossy nature.  Always make sure to apply perfume before you wear your jewelry.  

Post time: Feb-20-2021
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